Sunday, January 21, 2018

It's About The First Step Forward

Each day, like you, I face a ton of choices of where to begin. What project to work on next, what school to begin to pray for strategically and much, much more. 

In the midst of that I am filled with waves of emotions, thoughts and outcome possibilities. If I am being genuine that wave, can quickly turn into a tidal wave and cause me to pause or even stop positive forward motion completely. Thoughts of fear, what if, can I, should I, then what, can cripple even the most emotionally intelligent human being. 

As a leader in my community, especially one that is for the Kingdom of God here on earth as well as in heaven. I am well aware that "leadership itself begins and ends at the feet of Jesus" (Dr. Brent Crowe). However, as surprising as it sounds, until I take the first step forward, that tidal wave continues to grow. 

There is something relieving, almost stress negative about taking the first step forward. Even if at some point I need to adjust my path one direction or another, that simple movement is profoundly helpful to all of us. And frankly adjustment when i am moving forward, never seems as difficult as the first step was. 

I have never met Nik Wallenda, however like millions of others, I did watch him on live TV as he walked across the Grand Canyon on a tight rope with no harness in 2013. If you did not get to see it, i recommend it, go here and watch it, it’s truly a wonder. 

One logical question after watching this is why were so many of us moved by Nik’s choice to try such a crazy thing. I think the next logical question is how did he keep moving forward. As I review my memory of this event, and watching him, I remember thinking, that first step forward, what guts to take the first step forward

Which frankly is the answer to most of our questions in life. “How in the world am I going to do this?”  "This opportunity is huge! where do I begin?” Which as a leader draws me back to the feet of Jesus. In the scriptures it says in Psalms 37:23 The steps of a man are established by the Lord, when he delights in his way.  Simply put, when our lives, the good, the bad, the ugly and the fortunate are laid at His feet, then the next logical place, is the first step forward. For He has already established your steps, AND He delights in you going His way!

If you are a parent of a student and reading this and you are burdened to help them grown in their burden for their school, then the next logical step forward is to pray with them for their campus. Not just once, but daily and with repetition. 

If you are a student who came home from a winter missions trip fired up for the gospel, and not sure what to do now, the next logical step forward is to share that burden with some friends and start a gospel movement on your campus. 

Whatever your place in this world, in the name of Jesus I pray that you are moved today to take the first step forward.