Friday, January 20, 2012

A morning at the gas station

While at the gas station last week I had the craziest thought. I was filling up Jess' car with fuel and wondered, "what would happen if someone drank all 18 gallons of this gas that i am putting in the car?" Of course, silly thought, just a small amount of octane would kill someone, i think :<).

Fast forward about an hour later that morning and i am worshipping for a bit, and a picture comes into my mind of a driving rain storm. The rain began to pour so hard, i was drawn to "like a child" open my mouth wide open and drink. Then out of no where, the rain turned into a water fall, gushing down my throat and into my body. It was truly awesome!

I asked the Lord, "what does this mean?", His response was, "only the Father can turn water into oil. Only the Father can take living water, and out of it produce fire." Remember the Old Testament story of Elijah and the prophets of Baal. I was stumped for only a second and then began to realize that this fresh filling was about the power of the tongue.

The bible says that the tongue has "the power of life and death." (Proverbs 18:21) I was then reminded of the gas that i was pumping today. Why did I need it, simple, to be part of an controlled explosive process under the hood of my engine.  This explosion creates power to move my car to its next place.

The Father's living water is no different.  Out of a fresh filling of "living water" we face opportunities to see God's power come through our mouth, which again "has the power of life and death." There is however a warning in this as well.  That same power which brings life, can if not controlled appropriately, cause death.  Remember the car, what if there was no fire wall between your engine and you as you drove?  Or no crank case to shelter you from the explosions that are constantly happening under the hood? Right, death possible, for sure lots of pain.

The same Holy Spirit that fills you with the living water, is also able to give you the wisdom on where and when to use this power for His Kingdom.  The real question is have you asked today? If it begins to rain or even pour onto you, are you willing to open up like a child to receive His overflow? Praying that for all of you today my friends.

There is "life" to be brought forth today, quite possibly in the next place you are headed. He is ready to fill you with it. Just ask, like a child receive.

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