Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Proper Response to Burden

It is not hard to look at the world around us today and see that much of it is broken.  As conversations grow about these issues and individuals or groups begin to respond. I often wonder if their response is a biblical one. I also wonder if the things that I am trying to fix is for me, or for the good of the world around me. This discussion has brought me to a new perspective on response which i would like to open up to you. 

Nehemiah 1 : 1-4

Nehemiah 1 is one of the most beautiful responses to a burden that I know of. Nehemiah is a government worker who, as far as we can tell, is having a simple conversation with an old friend. What comes out of that conversation is a reality that strikes Nehemiah to the core. For days following that conversation Nehemiah spends time praying and fasting. As I consider his first response, I am hit with this thought, "What if I spent half the time praying about burdens I have, that I currently spend talking about them?" In our world, communication is key. Clear communication is always a good thing, but what if it is supposed to be the secondary thing?  In the case of a burden, I believe that Nehemiah's response teaches us so much about what we are called to do. We are to be the type of people who know how to pray and fast. Then, after communicating with God, we need to communicate that burden to those around us.

Nehemiah 1 : 5-7

As we read on into Nehemiah's prayers, I am struck by another incredible thought. Nehemiah did not live in Judah at this point; yet, as we read the text, he immediately begins to take ownership for what has happened with the walls and gates. Instead of casting blame for sin, or pointing fingers at everyone else, Nehemiah owns it and repents. What a beautiful thought for a leader! I may not be the cause of this burden; however, I will take responsibility for it with the Father.

Nehemiah 1: 8-11

Finally, as Nehemiah finishes, he begins to speak the promises of God over this issue.  Like us, Nehemiah knows God does not need to be reminded of what He said. No doubt God is fully aware of what He promised His people. I believe Nehemiah is reminding his soul (the same one with the burden) of what God promised.

So I ask you, do you have a burden? I mean, one of those unshakeable God-given burdens. Where have you landed in your response to that burden? What if you took time to learn from Nehemiah and view your burden through his perspective? Only one way to find out, try the ways of Nehemiah, there are great God-given responses ahead.

Please take a moment to share in the comments section of this blog your burden. Our family, our team, and this community will agree with you as you respond to the Father. 

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