Thursday, April 30, 2009

WOW What a day

Today was quite a day.  As many of you know Jess and I were facing the fact that our little man was headed to the dentist to have one of his front teeth removed, however everything changed very quickly.

In order for you to get the full understanding i will give you a little of the back story.  This past weekend, Justus was playing in our Master Bathroom while i was also in there.  At one point he fell off the tub, flat on his face, he came up crying, so we checked him out and all seemed well.  When he returned on Monday from some playtime at the park, he commented to Jess that he had hit his tooth again, and it was loose.  This tooth was news to us, so Jess took a look, and sure enough his tooth was loose, and the gums above the tooth, were really black and blue.  So we made an appointment for him to see the dentist on Tuesday.  When Jess took Justus to the dentist on Tuesday, she called me to confirm that what were concerned about was true.  They had x-rayed his gums and tooth, and he had broken the root leading to the tooth, and he would need to have it removed.  As i took in that sentence, i heard a voice in my heart of hearts, say these words.  "Do not let the doctor take that tooth today, tell Jess to come home".  So very quickly i called her back, relayed what i believe was the spirit of God, and she agreed she would not allow it to happen.  So we made an appointment for Thursday, and she brought him home.  That night we did as all good parents would and made sure that what he ate was appropriate to protect him from any pain that might come from biting down wrong on his tooth.  As i put him to bed, i centered him beside me, and told him i believed God could heal his tooth.  I then layed my hands on his face and we began to pray. During our time of prayer, Justus laughed and giggled non stop, my hand on his face was tickling him, but we continued to pray.  When we were finished we went about our normal routine, and as i tucked him my heart raced in belief that God might be up to something.

Wednesday, again we protected his tooth as best we could, and prayed again for his healing.

Fast forward to this morning, Jess called me on her way to the dentist, and i spoke with Justus, preparing him for the morning ahead.  As Jess arrived at the dentist, she asked the dentists assistant if they planned to take x-rays again to be sure.  The assistant said no, the x-rays from Tuesday were enough, if the root is broken it is broken, nothing can change that, haha (but you don't know my God...).  So they put Justus in the chair and began to put oxygen and laughing gas into his system, then they numbed his gums.  However, as the dentist entered the room, she took one look at his mouth, and said to Jess, i want another set of x-rays, his gums look amazing, as does that tooth.  So with Justus being goofy thanks to the gases, they took x-rays, and wouldn't you know it, the next words from the dentist were, "I can't remove this tooth, its healing, the gums are tightening up and the root is fine."

Jess called me after all that happened, crying harder i believe from those words, than she had been before worrying about the pain we was going to feel if they had to pull it.

So the question at hand, do i believe God healed my son's tooth, YEP!  Not a doubt in my mind.  Why he choose to do that, i will leave to Him.  Why he chooses not to heal other times, again i will leave that to Him.  But bottom line in either circumstance to God all the glory.  So our family will celebrate the goodness God has shown us through a very simple front tooth.  And continue to train our son to use one of the gifts that God has given him for God's glory. For it has been said about Justus by more than one person "he has a smile that just seems to light up the room when he comes in". 

So many other things happened today worth writing about.  A new podcast from Marshill (congrats to Rob and his wife for their new little one Violet), and a Catalyst podcast from the Hillsong United team (one quote "together we're better"), top all that off with SLOWBURN worship (Thursday evenings 6:30pm Cool Springs YMCA) this evening, Jess and I getting the blessing to serve the little ones, and God using His people to radically challenge each other in their pursuit of the Kingdom of God here on earth, for Kingdom is now my friends.  If you normally come to this, and you had to miss tonite, from what i hear it was also full of WOW.

However nothing compares to the WOW Kingdom moment we walked in with our little man, Justus.  Thank you Lord....

May His Peace, His Grace, His Love, and His Glory chase you in the moments to come. PEACE.

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