Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday, May 1st 2009

Today i planned on heading up to Barefoot Republic to spend some time prepping for a work day that is happening there tomorrow.  However in the middle of the night storms hit our area, and stuck around, which ended my desire to go walk the campus of Barefoot dreaming about camp this summer. With a healing broken foot, walking around in the mud of the campus, just did not seem like the best choice i could make. 

Speaking of this summer.  In June i have the honor of helping Grassland Heights Baptist Church (Nashville, TN) put on its summer camp, and we have invited a few other churches.  I get to plan much of the camp with its youth pastor Jerry Davis, and the week of camp not only get to help direct the camp but have the honor of preaching during the worship services as well. This camp will occur June 22-26.  Then in July i get to be a part of an actual barefoot republic camp.  This is the first senior high week and should be awesome.  At that camp, i have been given the honor of MC and camp director.  If you don't know much about Barefoot, i highly recommend that you check it out . 

The rain caused some extra time today studying.  I took my normal routine of a chapter of proverbs, and another NT or OT passage.  And added on a bit.  I really chomped on the first 9 verses of Chapter 31 of proverbs today.  Also, took some time to consider what Paul was up to in the 14th Chapter of 1 Corinthians.  Lot many who lead people towards Christ as part of their call, i have spent a considerable amount of time looking at the text of Corinthians in context.  However, chapter 14 has some very interesting turns and considerations when it comes to the power of tongues, and the gift of prophecy.  Then as if those 2 subjects don't turn your head enough, then Paul brings in what seem to be some personal thoughts about women in the church.  what's odd about these thoughts is not that Paul said them, the time and culture would point to such things, but instead my memory of the number of times in other letters to other areas of the world where he admonishes how wonderful many of the female followers of Jesus are.  I will have to consider how early in ministry Paul wrote Corinth after his radical conversion to get more perspective on how he finishes the chapter.

Our day finished with an evening with the girls from Jess' life group from our days at Christ Church.  It was still raining, and storming quite heavy, so we spent about 2 hours in Pie in the Sky, yummy pizza for all.  Then headed up the road to Tusculum Lanes, where 8 of us, including Justus, bowled a game.  It was a good night for all.

As we are finishing the evening, Jess is in the other room devouring "Wild Goose Chase - Mark Batterson.", one of my latest recommended reads. She continues to yell to me from the other room with quotes that are rocking her.  So i will close with one she just gave me.  "You want to make God laugh, tell Him all your plans."

May the King of the Universe reveal His heart for the redemption of His Kingdom on earth in the moments to come. PEACE.

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