Monday, December 14, 2009

A dream i had a few weeks ago...

Like everyone, i get busy now and again. This is a gift the Lord gave me in the form of a dream a few weeks ago, and i have just recently found time to post it. To Jesus be the glory.

Had an interesting dream the other night. I was in a large condo somewhere on a retreat. Jess and the boys were with me, as were other youth leaders and family.

It was obvious that I was leading the retreat, and that we were winding down from the days events. As I began to navigate my way through the house we were all in. I headed down stairs to find 2 large rooms, one with guys in bunks, hanging out, getting cleaned up, the other with girls doing the same.

The students were all busy doing their thing, and all seemed to fall in the Sr and Jr high range. As I made my way back upstairs to the main level. I walked over towards the picture windows facing outside to take a look, and behind me sat a typewriter on a flat table. Out of no-where the type writer threw itself on the floor and basically exploded. I ran over, took a look and immediately decided this was warfare.

I communicated this to my wife and the other leaders around me, they agreed and immediately we began to pray fervently, for our students, for our team. As I took perspective on our time of prayer, it hit me this was as aggressive as I can remember myself ever leading such a time of prayer, it was intense. We were coming against principalities, we were calling on the angels of heaven to come and fight. It was a pretty serious and victorious ordeal.

At some point I recognized that I had yet to check upstairs on my boys who were already asleep. As I made my way towards the stair case, the hall was very dark. And then I began to see flashes of light. Flickers, might even be a better explanation. At first I thought it was another round of attacks. And then I had this sudden peace about me, that this was not attack, but angelic. The Lord had heard our cries (obviously) and had responded (again obviously), and some sort of logic reminded me of a book I read by CS Lewis, and a quote that he had experienced the same sort of wonder. So I worshiped the Lord, thanked him for the spiritual forces, and headed upstairs to check on the boys. All was well with them, so made my way back downstairs.

It is at this point that I woke up from my dreaming. I checked the clock, it was 4am, on the nose. I remembered all I had just been dreaming about, and immediately went into prayer mode again. Very victorious, and very aggressive. Praying for our home, our family, Katy Hollis, the kids that were in the rooms hanging out at the retreat. It was a wild time of prayer. Somewhere about ½ hour into it, I found the peace again to rest. So I went back to sleep. I have shared this time with Jess and the only aspect that seems out of place, is me referencing CS Lewis concerning the flickering of lights that were around me. I cannot remember any quote by him about such a wonder, it reminds me more of Peretti to be honest.

I thank the Lord that he is always at work, restoring his kingdom, and that he allows me glimpses of wonders in my life to see what he is up to and to be a part on this side of Heaven.

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