Tuesday, January 8, 2013

BIG or little...

As Americans, we like to think BIG. BIG ideas, BIG visions, BIG dreams, make for a BIG splash. As I consider this thought, let me state clearly, I do not believe that any of these are wrong; however, BIG in itself has become another religion in our western world. The BIG play, the BIG hit song, or the next BIG thing, BIG is in.

Even in church we celebrate BIG!! More often than not the general population likes to hear from teachers and communicators who lead the largest groups of people.

I would, however, like to throw some caution up in the air and see where it lands. Reality is most of the overnight BIG splashes that I know of do not last very long. One hit wonders, 15 minutes of fame, and other cliché sayings come to mind. So what does the Kingdom say about BIG?

In the Kingdom, the least are the greatest, the first is the last (Mark 10:44). In many of Jesus’ teachings; the general sentiment is the Kingdom is at hand now. Then, followed in the same breath, blessed is the outcast, the last, the least of these. The little, or seemingly insignificant seen to be most important.

If all that is true, then why do some many of us "Christians" celebrate BIG? Or better yet, does celebrating BIG fall in line with our true discipleship in Jesus?

Jesus fed 5000 men one day, probably 13,000 or so people including women and children. With what? A little boy's lunch of 5 loaves and 2 fish. This story has been celebrated thousands upon thousands of times around the BIG things Jesus can, does and will do. Considering what we know about this boy, think about all the little things that had to happen in his life that day. The Mom had to give permission for him to go. She had to make a decision to not let him run to this gathering without food. She had to know something about Jesus or the little boy wouldn’t have been allowed to leave. Without the little, this BIG may not have been recorded.

As Christ followers, I believe we are called to focus on the little things. In fact, I would suggest we are called far more to the little things then the BIG. I can believe BIG, and dream BIG (ask my family, I do). When it comes to how our family chooses to live in our home, it’s the little things that matter most. For in our faithfulness to the little things, starting with focusing on Jesus first each day, BIG, long-lasting, enduring things are built.

Our faith is built on a daily desire to seek Jesus in spirit and truth. Our children are discipled based on daily worship, family scripture-reading, and Sunday church attendance. None of which will probably ever make the news as BIG, but be assured, our family's faith in the living God is huge.

For with God ALL things are possible (Matthew 19). So as you move into this next season of life, what little things need to be aligned or re-aligned in your world? For I am convinced, stay focused on the little things, and the truly BIG things will take care of themselves.

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