Monday, January 7, 2013

EPIC Resource Group

EPIC is a coaching ministry for local churches and communities across the US. Our resource group believes the hope of America is the local Church and it's heart to reach this generation.

EPIC's goal is to be a catalyst for churches and communities with a passion to serve the secondary schools in their communities with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In America, there are approximately 25 million public secondary school students. According to EPIC's research* there is a gap of 12 million unreached students with the gospel of Christ. We believe this group of students is an 'Army of Hope' waiting to be reached and released to influence the world for Christ.

The local churches or communities that surround these 12 million unreached students are filled with a burden to reach their communities. Many are under-resourced (urban + rural) which has often stalled or hand cuffed the efforts of the message of Christ. The average local church in America is 75-150 people. Most churches this size do not believe they have the resources to provide life changing resource for the students in their community. EPIC's coaching helps churches regain perspective and provide them with hope, strategy, and curriculum to do so for years to come.

EPIC accomplishes this through intensely coaching and resourcing 3 local churches or communities per quarter (12 for the year). Follow up with each local group occurs quarterly for the 9 months following.  All resources will be provided through partnerships with EPIC and the costs associated with their coaching are covered by the EPIC Resource Group.

The outcome is local churches finding new perspective to surround their public secondary schools with the gospel of Jesus, students coming to Christ, and local churches serving their communities in greater ways due to the influx of teenagers being touched by their local ministry.

If you are in a community or part of a local church that EPIC Resource Group could serve, please contact us at

* Through a conglomerative discussion between multiple national youth programs, it is believed that approximately 13 million of the secondary school students in America have a Christian movement reaching out to them with the Hope of Christ each school year. This leaves a 12 million student gap with no plan in place to reach them. 

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