Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pray for Mounie

This morning, i had one of those "only God could arrange this" experiences. I met a young man that i am extremely proud of named PJ for breakfast. PJ believes the Lord has called him into ministry, specifically in the area of ministering to students, so we decided to spend some time over pancakes at IHOP discussing what that means.

As we got into our meal, our waitress was very attentive to our discussion. She finally asked where my smile came from, so i told her, i was smiling because all that Jesus has done in our world, referencing my life and PJ's. Now Mounie struck me very unique from the beginning, she had an Indian (India) background and was in her late 50's early 60's. In some ways she fit the build of the type of person you would expect to be your server at IHOP. In other ways however, there was a deep need in her world that i could not shake.

As i answered Mounie's question, and gave Jesus glory, something seemed to fall off of her. She welled up with joy, and said, i knew it, i know it was the Lord Jesus. Turns out Mounie is a sister in Christ, who converted from Hinduism when her husband passed away 14 years ago. She gave PJ and i a brief understanding of who she was, and then asked us to keep her son's in prayer. We assured her of such prayers. Then i asked her if we could pray for her, which we did. She grabbed my arm like any grandmother would do of her grandson, which admittedly just about melted me. As PJ and I laid our hands on her and prayed in the restaurant, in the background i heard another server say "What the hell is that." Such opposition just made me smile, no devil, there are no restrictions to where we will pray for our sister, so "get thee behind me." in the mighty name of Jesus.

Mounie continued to stop by throughout the rest of our time at IHOP and as we left, she thanked PJ and I for coming in. We reminded her that she is never alone, God is always with her. We both spoke a few scriptures over her to encourage her and gave her hugs to remind her the body of Christ is truly all around. It is my hope that each of you get a moment with the Mounie's that serve you your meals today, and that you will commit to pray for her and them in your day to come.

Man God's timing and plan blows my mind, peace.

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Tamara said...

Amazingly Awesome God we serve!!!