Sunday, June 28, 2009

Today during worship..

This morning, our family partook in worship at Fellowship Bible as we do most Sundays. As we entered the second song, I began to have a vision. As a church we were singing the chorus "Worthy is the Lamb", and there before me appeared a map of the U.S. As I focused in on the map I remember paying more attention to the eastern half of the U.S. The Lamb appeared somewhere around the Nashville area and began to walk up I-40 and I-81 towards the Northeast U.S. As he walked he became The Lion and stopped somewhere around the Philly/Baltimore area. His destination was not the main focus, so i cannot be sure of location. What was significant was when he stopped, he sat up in a very victorious stance and roared 3 times. The growls were a battle call and the army of the Lord was being called there. He stood triumphantly as the battle was already won. Just as quickly as this all happened the image faded away, and i began to write.

As i wrote down the vision, i remember considering a number of things. But one item real struck me, The battle is already won, the army is being called. It is now time to decide will you go and be a part or not. With that said, i am careful not to place the term "interpretation" on that thought, i will blame that on me processing the obvious that is happing in our lives. As you read if the Lord gives you something i would appreciate your thoughts as well. PEACE

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Adele said...

I live in the Northeast. My husband and I planted a Church a few months ago! We both feel that God is doing to be doing big things there!! We had another friend who lived in California who had a similar vision about the Northeast!! Unfortunately people in the NE feel that they don't need God because they have everything, money, material things. We in the NE are commonly called the FROZEN Chosen because peoples hearts are cold to GOD!!! WE would love some prayer and thank you so much for posting this!!! Blessings!!!