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06.30.07 - CC Uganda Blog #1

Over the next few blogs, i am going to be reposting writings from my last Uganda trip. These writings exist on the back side of a website that I no longer have any control over, and they are precious to me so i don't want to lose them. I will also be posting the comments from each post.

Well, it’s finally here. As I sit next to my son and enjoy a few more moments with him before our team heads east, I am reminded of all the hard work and time already put in for this trip. It will be interesting to see what God has in store for us, we have spent so much time preparing for this moment, I wonder how much of what God plans to teach us on this trip has already been done by His faithfulness shown to our team as we worked together to raise $80,000 to send all 24 of us overseas.
I am reminded of the scriptures where God commands us in the end of Matthew to Go into the world and make disciples. I a pause Lord may this be more than a pleasure trip, may it be more than sightseeing, may you use us to lead people toward a desire to know you more fully and become your followers (aka. Disciples).
The questions has aroused often to our group. Why Uganda? There are multiple answers for this. One of the first that comes to mind is that early in my return to Christ Church last summer as youth pastor, Pastor Eric Falk and I began to dream and try to see where was God doing something already. Could we find that place, and then partner with those already on the ground doing such a good work. One place that laid heavily on our heart and would not go away was Uganda, and so it began. With our brother heading to be with the Lord earlier this year, our resolve become clear.
Another reason is this, organizations like Invisible Children, Red, One, Water Aid, World Visionhave opened our eyes to the grave reality that faces Africa, especially for the children in the region of Northern, Southern Uganda and Sudan. However unlike so many other scenarios, Ugandans have hope. Hope that their world has all the resources to once again become a nation of thriving individuals for the glory of God. Where there is hope, there also is Jesus, and where he is at work, we want to be involved.
So what does the beginning of this trip bring to this small group of radicals. Well today it brings a moment of short term good byes. It brings prayer, anointing, covering, and send off. It brings 2 days of airplane travel to get to our destination. It brings opportunities starting from the moment we get on the first plane headed to Chicago, and we have committed together that we will do our best to take advantage of every moment we have.
As I close this our first blog on the trip, I am reminded of the scriptures where Jesus tells us that no man knows the day or time the Father has set by His own authority, only that we are to be filled by His Holy Spirit so that we may take Him to the very ends of the earth (Acts 1), so that as it says in 2nd Peter 3:9 that none may perish, but everyone may come to repentance and life in abundance with Him
Thank you for your prayers, thank you for your support, and most of all thank you for sending us off to be a part of this work. We love you all, words cant say that well enough, and if it is the Lords will we will be home soon.
Til then, continue to check our blog page for further updates,
Pastor Steve + elevate youth headed to Uganda

Mindy Bledsoe said,
July 3, 2007 at 9:21 am
Thank you for the detailed updates, it really helps us to fell more connected to what is going on there. I know that you are all a wonderful blessing to the people you’re meeting, be sure and experience each moment. I sure miss my Christ Church kids, especially Olivia. I love you livi! We are keeping ALL of you in our prayers and we look forward to hearing more about your experiences!
Love you all!
Edy Johnston said,
July 3, 2007 at 4:36 pm
Hi everyone!
I am so proud of all of you, going so far a way from home to spread the good news. You’re doing such a great deed and in the process your life will be enriched!.
Sounds like you are not waisting any time in going to work. Sorry to hear about the luggage, Todd had that experience in Peru.
Love you all, we will continue to pray for the team.
I miss my Todd!

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