Sunday, July 1, 2007

07.01.07- CC Uganda Blog Day 2

Well it is Day 2 and so much has happened! First on behalf of all of our team members, let me say thanks. Thanks for your time of prayer and send off in Nashville. Thanks for your financial provision and multiple layers of wisdom for this trip. Thanks for your continued emails of encouragement, and comments on our blogs, i will be sure to pass them on to our team.
Now for the quick play by play. Or as quick as Pastor Steve is capable of :<). We arrived in Chicago without a hitch last night, and spent a moment as a team getting some dinner and reflecting with much joy on what was to come in the week we are facing.
Next we jumped on a large 777 with British Airways and headed over Lake Michigan and towards our destination of London. The British Airways staff was more than excellent, they were accomodating in almost every way possible. For the first 2+ hours of the trip we enjoyed snack, dinner, tea and a lot of fellowship together. Though the plane was full, our team seemed to be very close together, and everybody has at least a buddy near them to chat with, this really was a God send for our team to continue to bond.
About 3am London time, the airplane shut off the lights to give us a chance to rest. For most this was not an easy task, sleep at 36,000ft going about 600mph in coach is not something we do everyday. So for most of us the 4 hours of lights out was filled with small 10-30min windows of sleep only to be awoken by the movement of the plane, or strange surroundings in our tight quarters.
We landed in London at Heathrow airport and began our adventure of getting to know the terminal and all its shops and food areas. Needless to say, London and Large American airports are not that different in look. However culture is everywhere! The list of foreign airlines that fly into Heathrow, takes a 4ft - 3 column board from top to bottom to list. So we have heard everytype of foreign language, seen every kind of dress, and even laughed when we hear more Americans around us at a certain moment than any others. In this time exploring a number of us got a well needed (non-moving) 30min-1hour nap.
Refreshed and ready for details, Jimmy Earle has been filling us up with details and teaching us all kinds of songs and skits we will perform during orphanage and school ministry in the week to come. At one point our youth were a little shy about the motions to the songs in front of all those people in the terminal. However, I quickly reminded them “People, you don’t know anyone in the London airport right now, and most of these folks you are not going to see again, so lets do this.” Much to their enjoyment and the crowd gathering, we began to really get into our songs and actions.
We did have one particular visitor, who came up to tell us we were awesome. That he was the stage manager for Ozzie Ozbournes band, and that he was passing through, and could tell we were serving God, and wanted to know where we were headed. When we told him about our goals for Uganda, he was stoked. He told us that a number of Ozzie’s band members now are believers, and that they have chosen to have bible studies and prayer times together while on the road with him. Wow, crazy huh?
Needless to say, we are really seeing the hand of God on this trip, even as we prep for what we are going to be and do in Uganda. We will board our next plane in 4 hours. Please continue to pray for our safety in flight, and our obedience to what God has for us, that we might hear his voice clearly as we serve him.
Til our next time together, Peace,
Pastor Steve + The Uganda Team
Ps. Kayla, Jake, Sara, and John just snuck up behind me, and wanted to say “hello” and send their “We love you’s” to their families and friedns, be sure if the internet is as available as we believe it will be in Kampala, you will be hearing from a good number of them very soon.
Barb said,
July 3, 2007 at 7:32 pm
Hi everyone!
You should be getting some well deserved sleep right now, (hope you are).
Thanks for the blogs and keeping us updated, I send them to my family and friends that know you are there. I thank you for welcoming John on this life changing experience. Everyone is so kind at Christ Church. Hey John can you send us a little hello on the blog? Aunt Sue and Uncle Rick said hey! and that they are proud of you and are continuing to pray for all of you. John sorry we didn’t get a phone card I miss talking to you. DAD AND I MISS YOU! and don’t forget the sunscreen. Hey are you taking pictures?
love and miss ya,
Barb Colley

sarahc said,
July 3, 2007 at 11:10 am
It’s so quiet without you all!! Thinking of you and praying for you daily.
Much Love-

Cassie Johnson said,
July 3, 2007 at 7:26 am
This blog thing is all new to me. I love getting them, keep them coming. Tell everyone (especially Sara, I LOVE YOU) hello and that I am praying for God to do a mighty work thru them. I am so proud of each and everyone of you! Get plenty of rest and don’t forget those malaria pills. (sorry, it’s the mother in me, I have to make sure you’re taking care of yourself).
Love you and can’t wait to get you back home to hear about this life changing experience.

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